Sunday, 20 January 2030

Welcome to My Blog!

Update: CCIE #62941 right here!  I passed the lab in Richardson on August 27, 2019.

Hi!  I'm Nick, and this is my CCIE(RS) blog.  This is a (mostly) non-technical blog that I am using to do two things:
  1. Document my CCIE journey for myself and anyone who may be interested to see what it took for someone else to get their CCIE (I am going to get my CCIE!)
  2. Provide tips and tutorials to enable other CCIE-hopefuls to follow in my footsteps.  Some of those will be a little technical, but most will focus on planning/scheduling/tools.
I have labeled my posts to make it easier to get to information that you may be interested in.

Regular Update = nearly daily updates on what I was up to on any particular day
   Note about "Pet Lilly" and "Pet Willow" - I have a strict "pet/play with cats until they are tired of me" policy.  This tracks the number of minutes that they interrupted study time :)
Monthly Update = Anki screen shot for the month, and link to my progress tracking spreadsheet
Methods = Posts meant to help out other aspiring CCIEs, or to give a more detailed look at what I am doing for anyone that is interested

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